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The glory days of printed media are long gone, the Internet is the News King in our days. Newspapers are struggling to survive, as paper printed editions sold are decreasing each year and digital news is available for everyone for free. Web commercials model doesn't generate enough revenue for news giants, so they started to look into other ways to sell their news, and also to protect the content from free access.

An application for each news company seems to be the solution of choice that everyone has embraced, using all available platforms from mobile phones to tablets and computers. GlobeReader is such an application, allowing access to Boston Globe newspaper's daily content for a 4.98$ subscription per week.

GlobeReader is a well-designed application, where you can quickly select the news of interest from existing topics: The Nation, The World, Editorials, Business, and so on. Beside articles, you can also read comics and the Crossword Puzzle. There is also a search option, wherewith you can find news by keywords, and the option to read previous editions of the newspaper.

In order to install GlobeReader, you need to have Adobe Air already installed.

Cristian Ionescu
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  • Good design
  • Fast access


  • Pages with large pictures are very slow to browse
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